Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's been awhile so I might as well catch up

So I am in Portland now. I moved back a little over a week ago now and I am loving every minute of it. Things have been pretty great, including: Seeing amazing friends, working my butt off, staying at the hotel which has been very convenient, amazing food and finally finding a place of my own to call home. 

Today I signed a lease at an amazing apartment right off from the Belmont district, which I have lived at multiple times and really enjoy living in the area. There are great restaurants, shops and parks in the area. Plus it is really close to bike everywhere. It's probably about a 15 minute bike ride to my work downtown which I can't really beat. 

I chose an older, vintage apt instead of the newer apt because of the location.
The best part about the apartment is the courtyard/garden right in the front. I really love the french windows that open out into the courtyard. (It's all so melrose place looking with the exception that I'm lacking a pool haha). I really like the ghetto old floor in the kitchen and the yellow counter space there as well. It's all so 70's but will suit me well. I can't wait to make it comfortable for myself to lounge in daily and for my friends to come over so I can cook them great vegan meals and partake in a few beers or some wine. 
I will probably have people over next month when I can furnish the place. I will keep you posted. I have already met some new people that I think are great and of course there are already so many amazing people here that I love. I'm looking forward to a few shows coming up and seeing more people that I think are the bees knees. 

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