Saturday, June 13, 2009

I rule.

To start off this blog entry:

I am very proud of myself. It has been 13 days without a single cigarette.
I decided to quit on a whim and I am surprised that I have made it this far. I wanted to quit but I didn't really realize my will power in the situation. So that's it. Almost two full weeks and counting.

The con to this is that I have shut out the rest of my life in order to focus on this task. I hardly hang out with my friends, I don't call my family often anymore, I am very moody, I coughed up some gnarly shit, I have no desire to do anything really. I also have completely neglected someone that I am dating and that I care about. I feel like I have to just be by myself as much as possible and focus on the most important thing of all: my health.

But at the same time, it's not healthy to be doing anything that I'm doing in the process of quitting. So today I am taking the steps to fix all of that. I hate talking about 'feelings' though so this is totes going to suck.


  1. good for you shannon! i'm sure that your family and friends will understand the moodiness and distance, while you are going through such a huge change. they love you, and i'm sure they are willing to be patient while you work on becoming more healthy. i wish you the best! <3

  2. Thanks so much Lauren. Yeah I assume that they will be okay with it since it is for my best hah.